Diane M. Harris - My Stand
Diane M. Harris  -    23rd Precinct Committeeman  Republican Party
How I Stand on Key Issues
 (This is where I stand as one individual voter and it may or maynot reflect the beliefs of the 23rd Precinct)
These are key issues affecting Americans and their families. I have made my stand based on my fundamental beliefs and I stand firmly on the rights of the American people from which our forefathers stood and that is one Nation under God. Party Affiliation
Responsibility of our Government
T o be responsible as it relates to the people of the United States by acting fiscally responsible and having the ability to keep American people free from harm.  The voters, who are the people, make up the Government, should be responsible for electing individuals who are honest and display integrity  which will produce a trustworthy government for the people of these United States.
Abortion Issues
100% Pro Life.  I believe in the sanctity of life; from conception until natural death and I vow 100% to protect the unborn. 
Civil Liberties
I support the rights of freedom, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of a right to privacy , the right to life and other civil liberties.  I do not promote Civil Marriages of same sex couples.  I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. 
Death Tax
It is unfair to tax the individuals who receive inheritances because the funds have already been taxed by the owners prior to their death. This is certainly double taxation therefore, I support the repeal of the Death Tax. 
Who knows better on how to educate our youth, than the educators? The education should be in the hands of the educators, not the government. Every environment is different and the educators should be responsible for writing the programs that will address the issues of students success. The most successful school improvements come when the educators, parent, administrators and the community come to together at the table for the good of sustaining achievement for the schools. Hiring the highest quality teachers and promoting parent involvement are the keys to our student’s future. The students should be the priority, period.  Not sure if I support the voucher system, but I do not feel the program should be statewide. The word  education does not show up in the Constitution so Congress should repeal spending is these area. Each state legislature would change their laws, to ensure that they can spend enough money for their residents. Therefore I think that Congress should repeal the majority of federal laws that mention education because those laws violate the 10th Amendment.
 Pro XVth Amendments
The right of a citizen of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude. However, I believe that voter s should meet all the guidelines and requirements in order to exercise their voting rights.  Foreign Affairs
I feel our troops have been at war for much too long and it is time for them to come home. I also feel that when they arrive to the U.S., they should be our priority and in my opinion they have not been; just like that of other wars. That's why I support a strong Defense Budget that will also allocate funding to assists solders and their families when they are released.  I do not support sending arms to foreign countries where we have no troops on the ground or no interests relating to the United States.
 Health Care
Parts of the The new Health Care Act should not be funded as it jeopardizes the governmental budget. Mandating that the government provide health care to individual who cannot afford it is a violation of the 10th amendment and therefore should be repealed.  Even thought I feel that repealing the Health Care Act would be taking a step backwards, there is no where in the U. S. Constitution states that health care should be provided; except for individuals who are incarcerated.  I do however, feel that every American should have a right to health care, but not to where it should be mandated or where it will jeopardize the lives and empties the pockets of the elderly. Pro-life supporters, organizations, or companies should not be force to contribute to healthcare packages that make provisions for abortions nor  for contraceptives.
Any person living in this country without permission is in violation of the law and should be held accountable because they are illegal.  This is an infringement upon the laws of the United States.  If  action is not taken, then  there is no honor for the Americans who abided by the law to become a Citizen of the  US.  I feel he Borders are a priority and should be tighter and more illegal aliens should be deported.  But because of the challenged borders, the individuals who have managed to dodge the law (illegal aliens) to become homeowners, tax payers,  in my opinion,  should be eligible for Immigration Reform/Amnesty.  Time is important and I feel this is an issue that Congress should address now.  However, any individuals arrested and cannot prove they are legal, should not have any rights as an American Citizen; and at no time, should taxpayer’s dollars be spent to prolonging  any courts of laws to prove otherwise; other than for deportation only. 
Since medical Marijuana has been proven to heal and has known uses for other productions vital to our environment makes me support it.  Alcohol is legal but it does not promote health, which is another reason I support medical marijuana. But like all prescription drug, Marijuana should have strict regulations on it’s dispense and I feel users should be confined to private areas while it is being administered because of it's pungent odors. 
I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman; period.
Right to Work Issues
I support Section 14(b) of the Taft-Hartley Act,  which authorizes state Right to Work laws. Even though I chose unionization during my career, I feel everyone should have a choice and not be penalized by their choices.
 Pro 2nd Amendments
I believe that the people should have the right to keep and bear arms and this right should not be infringed upon.  Law abiding citizens should not be penalized because of the misuse by others.  I also believe that violators of gun laws should have tough penalties placed up them.
.Social Security
Social Security has been around for a long time and has been known to work as it was planned. Employers should continue to do their part in collecting and paying into this program. I am not in favor of privatizing Social Security but am in favor of raising the social security age.  I feel that if we want to control the cost, we need to take a closer look at the fraudulent  and unauthorized claims against the SSA.
There should be other ways to increase our government revenue without raising taxes on the backs of the hard working Americans.  Taxing the 1% would not alleviate the deficit we have now nor would it in 10 years to come. There should not be tax increases to balance the budget because the American people have been taxed enough already. I do, however, support  removing the Death Tax and Capital Gains tax, reducing the Corporate Tax 10-15% and Congress should implement the Flat Tax having a rate of 15% for all. In my opinion, the government must control their spending and do more cutting in the programs that duplicate and the programs that will allow large annual savings. I support tax cuts to help protect the future of our economy. 
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